"I feel I can best express my perspective of a place or scene through the colors and texture of water colors. Through this medium bright sunshine on a flower can feel muted and subtle while still retaining the warmth and hope of a beautiful summer day, or the edge of a dark forest scene can engender foreboding without leaning too far toward malice and fear. The subtleties available to me in water colors allow me to inject a great deal of myself into the painting, so it becomes not just a painting of an old barn or a serene mountain lake, but a part of me spilled onto the canvas. This is why I paint what I love, and why I love what I paint. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions about any of the paintings or stories you see on this site. I love talking about Tahoe and art, and I would love to hear from you!"

In 1952, the year Missy was born, Hermosa Beach was a sleepy southern California beach town, a beautiful spot to grow up and take in the wonders of that special place at that special time. Now, years later and a world of experiences behind her, Missy lives in the Lake Tahoe region of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Inspired by wood elves, small dogs, and other forest creatures, Missy lovingly creates works of art that represent her love of the mountains and meadows of her adopted home. Even with the responsibilities of raising two sometimes perfect children and keeping her large and good-hearted husband fed, she somehow managed to carve out a career as a nationally-acclaimed artist.

Missy doesn't just paint the outdoors, she lives it. Daily, she hikes, runs, or skis for miles and miles on the mountain trails near her home, often taking with her a small camera to record images of the beauty she encounters on her adventures, and one or two of her small dogs to keep her company. The combination of the natural beauty of Tahoe and the endorphins generated by hours of elevated heart rate and lung-fulls of clean air lead to the kind of inspiration you see on this site. Exciting colors splashed across a canvas re-create her mountain experiences and take each of us to that same place, without needing to strain our own hearts or muscles. Her energetic work style has led to many accolades and awards, including:

  • Two "Best of Show" awards from prestigious national art shows.
  • Being published in the guidebook/keepsake "Tahoe's Magical West Shore".
  • Being chosen 2 years running to paint the poster for "The Elegant Affair" food and wine tasting event sponsored by the North Tahoe Boosters club.
  • Having her art displayed in homes and businesses worldwide.

There is nothing like a Missy Sandeman painting to make you feel like you are on a mountain trail high in the Sierra Nevada. Mountain lakes, serene meadows, wild flowers, and forest scenes all make up the subject matter of her paintings. The beauty of these scenes is magnified by the beauty of Missy's soul and the gentle touch of her brush. One glance at the work represented on these pages, and I'm sure you'll agree.